iPhone SDK 3.2 beta and iPad simulator released 5

[dtse]apple-creation-0237-rm-eng[/dtse]Following Apple’s iPad announcement today, the latest version of the iPhone SDK is now available in the Apple developer center. As predicted, Apple has not announced OS 4.0, nor has it acknowledged any new functionality for the iPhone. However, a glance at the launch date for the iPad, March, does tie in rather nicely with the annual March announcement of iPhone OS updates. Expect to see unnanounced iPad features that would be shared with the iPhone (read: multitasking, new ways to manage apps) to be announced at that time along with the new features and API’s of OS 4.0, and possibly a name change away from ‘iPhone OS’ to something more generalized, as there are now more product lines that do not have phone functionality (two) than those that do (one). In the meantime, registered developers can access 3.2 in the dev center.